Bulk Soils & Mulches

Riverside Nursery & Landscape Supplies carries a wide variety of bulk soils and mulches for all your landscaping needs.

Length :


Width :


Depth in inches :

Volume of material (cubic feet)

How much do I need?
We recommend putting mulch at a two inch depth for top dressing. 
1 yard covers 160 square feet at 2” thick.
To figure square feet =  L x W
For 2” depth divide by 160

Example: To figure an area 25’ long by 18’ wide
25 x 18 = 450
450 divided by 160 = 2.81 yards

Delivery is free in the local area for most products on 7 yards or more.  Call 559-275-1891 to see if you qualify.

Rice Hull Mix - $42.99 per cubic yard

Perfect for tilling in.  A composted blend of Rice Hulls and organic compost.   For heavy clay valley soils.  Rice hulls are light weight and take much longer to break down in the soil, therefore lasting much longer.  They help to loosen and improve aeration of heavy soil, and provide essential plant nutrients  Apply at the rate of 5-6 cubic yards per 1000 square feet.  Work into the top 6-8” of soil.  Or use as a back fill planting mix at a rate of 1 part rice hull and 1 part native soil mixed evenly.

RED HUMUS - $42.99 per cubic yard

¼” fir barkfines.  A fresher screened bark perfect for topdressing.

DARK HUMUS - $42.99 per cubic yard

0-1/4” aged fir bark fines.  Pefecect for topdressing or tilling in.  Darker in color and older than Red Humus.  Great seed cover, use 1 yard per 2000 square feet

DECO BARK - $49.99 per cubic yard

¼” – 1” in size.  Cleaner and screened for more uniform size.  Perfect for topdressing.  Provides a forest fragrance.

WALK ON BARK - $42.99 per cubic yard

1/8" - 2" particle size. A fibrous material containing some fir bark and other granular bark and cambium wood. Usually more economical than other decorative bark but used at the same application rate.  Provides a forest fragrance.  This product is used on most of our commercial jobs.

POTTING SOIL - $74.99 per cubic yard

Our Soil is a proprietary blend of aged bark fines, sand, PH balancers and a six month slow release fertilizer.  Perfect for containers, raised beds or topdressing for annual plantings.

Bulk Products - Picked Up Price

SAND - $39.99 per cubic yard

Clean screened sand used for tilling in for drainage.   

PEA GRAVEL - $49.99 per cubic yard

3/8” in size

TOPSOIL - $34.99 per cubic yard

A traditional sandy loam soil.  Used for filling low spots or mounding.